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This document contains the Terms and Conditions that apply to the access and use of recordssearch.org and the purchase of services and data through this website. This is a legally binding service agreement between:


  1. org (hereinafter referred to as “this site”, “this website”, “our site”, “our website”, “us”, “we”), its partner websites (hereinafter collectively referred to as “these sites”)
  2. The end user or second party, who may be an organization, corporate entity or an individual (hereinafter referred to as “you”).


It is strongly recommended that you read and understand this document in its entirety before doing business with this website or accessing information through it. If you do not agree with the provisions of this document in part or whole, you must leave this website at once.


Further use of this website, its services and its partner websites will be considered as acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stated herein and the Privacy Policy of this website. When using, visiting, entering and browsing this website, you are bound by these Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with them.


Explicit assumptions

  • – recordssearch.org offers its services and access to data under the assumption that the end user is above the age of 18 years.
  • – It is also assumed that the end user will not use such services and data for illegal acts.
  • – This website and its partner websites also assume that the services and data provided by them will be used in compliance with local laws and the Terms and Conditions of these websites.


License grants, permission and restrictions for use of the services, data and content on this website

Subject to strict compliance with the provisions of this document and the Privacy Policy of this website, recordssearch.org provides the end user/users limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferrable and royalty free access to the services, data and content of this website and that of our partner sites.


The content on this website and on our partner websites is copyright protected. As the purchaser/user of such content/data/information/service, you are allowed to download and print such data exclusively for your personal use.


You agree to not distribute, duplicate, reprint, sell, rent or otherwise use the content on this website and its partner sites, unless you have written permission from the owners/operators of these websites to do so.


Furthermore, you agree to not use the logo, the name of this website/company in any way or form to show affiliation with us or to represent us, unless you have been given the permission to do so.


Recordssearch.org owns intellectual property rights for the content, graphics, images, videos, logos, sounds, artwork, computer code and documentation on this website. You are not allowed to copy, distribute, sell, rent or use this information. We reserve the right to modify the formatting, layout and features of this website at any time and without prior intimation.


The intellectual rights of some of the information, logos, advertisements and graphics on our website may be owned by our partners, affiliates, sponsors, service suppliers and advertisers. You may not use this material in any form or manner.


This website retains the right to use, publish, modify and reproduce the information, comments, feedback and idea sent by the end users to this website, unless these are expressly solicited by the owners of this website under a separate contract/agreement.



Use of information collected by this website

We collect both personal and non-identifiable data from the visitors and users of this website. The collection, storage and usage of this information are done in accordance with the Privacy Policy of this website.


  1. Personal information is supplied by the visitor/buyer through search or purchase forms and is used to facilitate the sale of the products and services of this site and its partner websites. This data is also used to send information about our products and service to the consumer and to address any grievances, or questions that the end-user may have.


  1. The non-identifiable information is collected through the use of cookies and similar technologies. The traffic data thus aggregated is employed to enhance user experience on the site and to cater to the specific purchasing needs of the user.


By using this website, its services and the websites and services of affiliate entities, you provide consent for the collection of aforementioned data and agree to the Privacy Policy of this website.


Our partner/external websites have their own Privacy Practices. We urge you to review those before using the data or services of these websites. Recordssearch.org will not be liable for any damages that may arise from the collection, usage or storage of end user information by such partner websites.


Warranties disclaimer

All information offered on and by recordssearch.org and its partner websites is aggregated from third party private/government/for profit/non-profit/community sources.


  • – We do not claim ownership of such data nor is it within our purview to modify this information. We do not and cannot check the accuracy and completeness of said data.
  • – Any express or implied warranties pertaining to the data, if furnished, are claimed by the website/database from where the information is accessed. As such Recordssearch.org disclaims all liability pertaining to the fitness of such information.
  • – Moreover, this website, its partner websites and our employees and administrators cannot be held legally liable for any direct or indirect damages, commercial losses, civil action losses and legal representation expenses that may arise due to the use of such information.
  • – recordssearch.org and its partner websites cannot be held legally responsible for any misconduct on the part of the end user that is committed through the use of such data.


These limitations of damages are the core provisions of this agreement between recordssearch.org and its end users. Access and the use of this website is not available unless end users/visitors acknowledge and accept these limitations as a legal binding on them and their representatives.


Recordssearch.org does not assume the liability for any damage caused to the device/data of the end user due to malicious programs that may be located on any electronic file downloaded by the end user.


The content on this website and the data offered by recordsearch.org and its partner websites is strictly for informational purposes. It cannot be used as or in lieu of legal advice.



By using/visiting this website, you indemnify us, our partner websites, our service suppliers, our advertisers and our associates from any legal action that may arise due to your use of the data from these websites.


Recordssearch.org reserves the right to change, modify or append the Terms and Conditions of usage of this website at any time and without notification. We recommend that you check this page before using/purchasing our products and services.


If you have any questions about the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy of this website, please contact us