Property Search for Non-Realtors

How can I do an abandoned property search?

There are many websites available to help you do an abandoned property search. Most of the websites belong to realtors or real estate firms. Some websites allow home owners, who have purchased abandoned properties in tax evasion auctions, to list their property for sale or lease. There are also websites of states giving details of unclaimed properties.


It is always advisable to search through both the abandoned and the unclaimed property list since the purpose of this search is mostly to get a good deal on a house or to buy a house with a low budget. Typically, most abandoned homes, by the time they are sold, are in dire need of resurrection and hence manage to get a good deal for the buyer.


If you cannot find the abandoned property you are looking for, you can visit that state’s abandoned property unit. You can also visit the “National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators”. If the abandoned property you are looking for belongs to a friend or a relative, and it has been taken over by the state as it has been unclaimed, you can visit either of these two departments and get the details of the claim procedure.


Very often the address history search is done by government officials to track the owners of the abandoned property, especially if they suspect illegal activity at the property. Despite the efforts from the government to trace the owners of abandoned homes, only 50 percent of the abandoned homes get claimed each year.


Additionally, you can also visit the court clerk’s office and take a look at the properties listed as unclaimed in the 2-5 year range. The property is typically taken over by the government after 2 to 5 years of abandonment. So, if the property you are looking for hasn’t crossed that time line yet, you won’t find it online.


Also, before you go through the trouble of doing an abandoned property search, check the state laws as many states don’t take possession of unclaimed property and let it stay indefinitely for an heir to come and claim it.



Can I do an address search by name free through search engines?

Yes, it is possible to do an address search by name free. Google tops the list for this service. However, one important thing to know here is that a search engine can find a property only if it has an online presence.


So, if the property has been listed under a business category or was ever advertised for provision of rental services or sale on any website then you have a chance of locating the property. If it doesn’t fall in any of these categories, you will not be able to do a search by name. In this case, your best bet to do a property search by name is with the good old white pages available online.


Earlier Google had a facility of providing address and identity details through the name or the phone number. However, it had to shut down the service due to privacy concerns and misuse by miscreants. Until recently, it was possible to do an address and address history search at the post office. However, it is not possible to do it now due to a change of policy, following safety concerns.



Can I get an address through a person search?

People search is a more fruitful way to get the address, as the current and past address of the person does show up when you are doing a person or background search. Some sites allow you to do people search for basic information in the trial period of 30 days. Typically, such a service includes the address for free. There are some paid websites that allow you to get an address through a background search.


Many sites these days offer something called “reverse look up”. This can be done via a person’s name or phone number. If you are being harassed by someone over the phone and want to trace their address to act against them, you can do a reverse look up.


Be careful of frauds promising to find you address details through people search. It has been noticed many times that some sites boast about being able to find addresses that are not traceable anywhere on the internet for a steep fee. But quite honestly, if you cannot find the property anywhere on the internet then your chances of finding it through a website are rare, unless the website ensures a physical visit to verify the address and a 30-day money back policy.



Do websites allow address history search free?

Many websites allow address history search free. The search results can give you information of:


  1. 1. The current and past owners.
  2. 2. Estimated value of the property.
  3. 3. Ownership details.
  4. 4. Neighborhood background information like sex offender and theft crime history in the area.
  5. 5. Age of the property.
  6. 6. Safety violations.


This search is done to trace identity thefts, track a dream house you wanted for many years, neighborhood background search for the safety of young family members, to find friends and relatives and safeguard yourself against fraud by home sellers.

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