People Search in the New Age

Where can I do a people look up?

I know that most people would run to Facebook or LinkedIn to search for people rather than going through any records. But you really can’t find everyone on networking sites. What will you do when you can’t find someone from your high school year book or your college sweetheart on Twitter or Instagram? Well let’s go by the old saying “If it’s in the USA, you will have the means to find it”.



How can I search and find people?

The most common way to search for people is through the white pages. The directory information is updated regularly. If you know the city, county and state where the person is living in or has moved to, you can get their information.



How do search engines find people?

Search engines have web crawlers so when you put the name of a person, it searches for all the details related to that name available on the internet. So, it will show you the links for the Facebook and LinkedIn profiles of people with that name and photographs on professional and personal networking sites. It will also show you links of businesses and personal websites available with the same name. Search engines also pick up news related to the name, which it considers a keyword.



How can I do a background search on someone?

There are websites and local investigators available to do a background search. Some websites are free and let you access basic information like the city where the person is located without having to pay for it.

The paid service will get you detailed information on a person like the address, the phone number, place of employment, schools and colleges attended by them, their criminal and court records, traffic violations and arrest warrants (current and outstanding).


Some sites even provide details of death records if the person has passed away and jail records if the person has been incarcerated. However, such a detailed search report will cost you a bomb.



Tips on how to do a people search on websites

Give the basic details: Provide the first name and the last name. If it’s a very common combination, give the middle name with it. Offer information on the state and city/county that the person lives in. If you are not aware of the state, you will need to select “all states” or “any state”.


You can expect the results to show you basic information like the name, age, date of birth, home address, directions to the address, property status like owned or rented and approximate value of the house.



Doing a Background search

If you are considering doing a background search on anyone, the first thing you need to look at are the arrest records. However to do conduct the search, you will need to know the full name of the person and the state they were born in or have moved to.


After the arrest records, people look at the court records and this kind of background check is typically done by employers. If you want to do the background check for a potential love interest, you need to check the marriage and divorce records as well.


All of this information is available offline and online and through government and third party websites. To get the details offline, you will need to visit the Vital Records Unit of the county and submit a request form with the applicable fee and a notarized copy of your certificate of identity. People who do not wish to give a notarized certificate of identity can get an “informational use only” copy.


If you are a home owner and want to do a background search of your tenant, you can visit websites that specialize in doing background search for tenants. You will have to offer relevant details of the tenant and pay a small fee.


Details received from this kind of search include sex offender records, history of drug abuse, criminal records, credit score, Patriot Act Search records, bankruptcy declarations, foreclosures, medical claims collections from insurance companies, employment summary and nationwide eviction record. This search will cost you between $20 and $30.


If you just want to view these records, you will be able to do much of it online. But if you want to get certified copies, make sure you check the state laws first. Many states do not allow anyone except direct family members to access a copy of the divorce decree or a copy of the marriage certificate. This is typically bad news for women suspecting their husband of bigamy. A point to be noted here is that certified copies of most records can be taken by the attorneys of the parties at dispute. As stated earlier, you can get an “information only” copy and you can also get uncertified divorce and marriage records. They will serve the purpose of giving you information on the existence of a previous marriage and the honesty of a previous divorce.



Will someone know if I have done a background check on them?

There is no way of knowing this, unless you fear for your life and the police requests information of the person who conducted your background check.

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