How to search and find people in Colorado?

All the options for a people search in Colorado!

We all have that special someone we fell in love with in college and haven’t forgotten in all the years since. Wondering where that someone might be, always leads to a search. Most people would want to do an anonymous search and of course there are many ways to do that now. So, let’s see the different ways of doing an anonymous person search.


What are the different ways of doing a person search?

1. Search Engines – Anyone’s first instinct is to just type the name of the person they are looking for in Google or Bing. Mostly, the trick works and helps you to find the person you are looking for, if they have any kind of internet presence, like pictures, lectures, videos or any other form of digital medium.


2. Networking Sites – When search engines cannot find a person, we have the next best thing- social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. If we were to go by my wicked friend’s observation, then everybody normal has an account on Facebook or Twitter. If you manage to find your long lost love interest on a social network, all it’s going to take is a few seconds to look into their lives.


3. Professional Sites – Many people prefer to not have an account on the personal networking sites for security reasons. However, even these individuals keep an account on professional networking sites like Linkedin. Naturally, such sites do not give you information on an individual’s personal life. But they do help you to get the academic and professional details of a person.


4. Academic sites – These are mostly sites where you will find the geeks you knew in school, who may have now bloomed into the Sheldons and Leonards of the new age. Scholars and PHD’s prefer to have their information on academic and research sites or websites of universities where they teach.


5. Hobby group sites – The geniuses who skipped class in school to feed their hunger for hobbies would definitely have a presence on a hobby group website. They love to put pictures of their latest creations or adventures on the website making it easy for people to trace them.


6. Business websites – Business owners prefer to share their details on their own websites. Employees of high profile companies too prefer to have their details only on the company websites.


7. White Pages – When internet fails, we can always crawl back to our old friend- The white pages.

In all possibility, white pages will be able to find you, details like the name and number of the person you are looking for, unless that person has moved from one place to another rapidly.


8. Post Office – The only place capable of keeping track of individuals who have moved rapidly is the post office. The post office gets mails from various people. Because people living on rent or those who are facing financial difficulties change their address frequently, they find it easier to inform the post office, rather than to change the contact details for every mail he/she is going to receive. Don’t expect this help over the phone or email. For this inquiry, you will need to visit the post office and ask around.


9. Criminal records from CO! – If the person you are looking for loved to get into trouble, then looking at the criminal records may not be such a bad idea. You may also want to head this way, if your investigation is being launched to find out more about a potential renter. You obviously don’t want to rent your place to a dangerous person.


10. Background search – If the purpose of the people search is employment or giving credit, then its best for you to ignore everything you have read till now and just do a background search through the many websites that provide this service for a fee.


11. Inmate search for Colorado! – If the criminal record gave you information of your good friend landing in jail at some point, then you better start doing an inmate search. Using the inmate locator at this point may be a good idea. You can also visit the sheriff’s website and look at the jail list or visit the website of the county or state court and get details of arrest records. You can also check the list of mugshots clicked daily and weekly.


12. Marriage records – if you are curious to know if that college sweetheart you knew got married or not, then you can check the marriage records.


13. Colorado death records – If there is no trace anywhere of a person, then there is only one assumption. We always assume that someone who cannot be found must have died. Death records give you details of when and how a person died.


14. Obituary Search – The last place to search, though very relevant, is in the obituaries. If you suspect that someone you know may have died and cannot find the death record, then looking through the obituaries printed can give you some details.


You can get copies of most of these documents online. In case you cannot find a specific record, then pay a physical visit to the relevant court office of the county



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