All that you wanted to know about New Mexico divorce records search!

Thinking about marriage? Want to check on your future spouse’s divorce status?

When you are thinking about marriage, the first thing that comes to your mind is the previous marriage of your partner. Even if you trust the person, it is always better to check on the status of termination of the previous marriage or the divorce records from New Mexico.


Now what exactly is a divorce record?

A divorce record is an electronic track of all terminated marriages maintained by the Unites States government. This is a fairly detailed report, and it includes:

1. Names of the individuals seeking the divorce.
2. Marriage date and State/County.
3. Divorce date and State/County.
4. Reason for seeking divorce.
5. Name of the children and their age.
6. Court judgments.


Is a divorce record and divorce decree the same?

A decree is the final order given by the judge, which marks the end of the divorce proceedings. In contrast, a divorce record is more like a timeline listing of a divorce event that has taken place in an individual’s life. A divorce record does in some states have the divorce decree in it.


What is the difference between a divorce record and a divorce certificate?

A divorce certificate is the documentary proof of the divorce while a record, as mentioned earlier, is just a report maintained by the government. In order to facilitate the change of name after a divorce, you will need to submit a copy of the divorce certificate.


Can I see anyone’s divorce record in New Mexico?


Divorce records are mostly public. However, if the divorce record is sealed, you cannot see all the information on record. Generally, all matters related to the court are public and hence accessible to all. But if both the parties involved in the divorce make a request for a “sealed record”, and if the judge permits it, then information on the identity of the children and domestic violence victims is withheld. Other information, which is always absent in a divorce record, is financial in nature and includes the social security number and bank account numbers.


How can you get access to NM divorce records?


Getting your own divorce record: It is easier to get your own record than it is to get someone else’s. As per your convenience you can look for the record online or offline. Online you can check on the website of the county or state court where the divorce was finalized. Most courts update records on their websites weekly. You will need to fill a request form and upload the required papers. After finishing the request procedure, you should receive the records by mail in 7-10 business days.


Getting someone else’s divorce record: In order to get divorce records of someone else, you will need to first get some information on those people. You will need to have the full name of both individuals involved in the divorce with the state where the divorce took place and the year. You will be expected to fill some forms. Don’t expect certified copies of the records since in most states, only the divorcing parties or their immediate family members are allowed to get certified copies. However, uncertified copies are good enough for informational purpose.


You can also visit the Vital Records Unit of the state to get the records. Of course, you can visit the court house where the divorce took place to get a copy of the documents for a small fee. Some states allow third-party websites to provide these records. Some of these websites also allow you to get free records. Naturally, the information in free records is limited, as a complete record will be given to you for a fee.


Are divorce papers a part of the divorce records in New Mexico?

The records available may not have a copy of the divorce papers signed by the husband and wife. In order to see a copy of the divorce papers, you have to visit the clerk of courts divorce office. Also, you may not be given a copy of the divorce papers, as this is usually given only to the parties involved in the divorce. The divorce papers are a part of the judicial documents. However, check the state laws to be sure as some states may allow you to take an uncertified copy of the documents from the court for legal research or genealogy studies.


After getting a marriage license if you decide to not get married, do you have to file for a divorce?

A marriage license is a permission for marriage. It is not the same as a marriage certificate. A marriage license only enables you to initiate a marriage ceremony. Unlike a marriage license, it cannot be used for change of name or for insurance purposes. If after getting the license, both parties decide to not get married, they just have to let the license lapse.


As per the procedure, after getting the license, the marriage has to take place and within 30-90 days. Also, the license with the signatures of the person who officiated the ceremony and the bride and groom has to be submitted to the registrar. After this submission, the marriage certificate is mailed to the married couple in 20-30 business days.

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