Criminal Records

Facing trouble finding a criminal record?

What is a criminal record?

As my uncle once said, a criminal record is the performance report of an individual’s life and social competence. It includes every interaction serious or not, that you have had with a law enforcement agency. Simply put, this is a person’s criminal history. Every bad driving day you had and every arrest warrant you told your girlfriend, was a mistake, will be included in it.


What are public criminal records?

All criminal records are public except for the ones that have been sealed or expunged. In some states, criminal public records do not include records of offences committed by a person below the age of 18 years.


What can I hope to find in criminal records online?

In a nutshell, the information that is included in the criminal records of a person can be segregated into two categories:


  1. 1. Details about the subject: A criminal record holds the information such as the social security number, race of the accused, state of residence and the different dates of birth on ID cards the police found you with, when they crashed your friends “all you can drink” party.
  2. 2. Crime history related data: The criminal record also has a person’s FIN, i.e. the federal identification number. Additionally, you can also find a person’s arrest history, details on all criminal warrants, arrest bookings, convictions, dismissals, diversion or differed adjudication, fines levied and probation for misdemeanors and felonies.


Can I do my babysitter’s criminal check?

Thankfully in this day and age of the internet, it is possible to do a criminal record search of any person very easily if you have their details. Earlier, it was only possible to do the search by visiting the county clerk’s office. This option is still available, but now, you can also check on the state’s website for criminal history information.


A point to note here is that if the person has expunged his arrest record, as it may have been his first crime, then you may not be able to access this information. The information on all expunged and sealed arrest and criminal records is always there in the central database.


However, it is not available to the general public, though it can be accessed by lawyers, some employers, and of course, different government agencies. If you are in the state of California, you may not be allowed to access the full criminal record.


Where can I find criminal court records?

While records for all criminal matters handled by the courts in the county are maintained in a central database, not all states allows public access to them. In states where this information is publicly available, criminal court records can be accessed by paying a visit to the state or county court that is hearing or has heard the case. If made available, you can get details of the criminal court cases can from the criminal court clerk.


Considering it’s far easier to look for reports online, you can take a look at the county and state court’s database linked to their websites for criminal court details. It may be difficult to get records of cases involving juveniles, as these may be sealed.


What can I find in the criminal court docket?

The criminal court docket has details of hearings done and scheduled, cases pending, disposed, acquittals, judgements pronounced, adjournments, case transfer and sentences given.


Is there an app for accessing a criminal docket?

There are a few apps available for back ground checks but unfortunately no apps are available to check the criminal docket. The good thing is that it isn’t needed, as many state and county courts have the criminal docket available online in their database for public viewing.


What is the criminal division?

The Criminal Division is the department that is responsible for the enforcement, supervision and development of all the federal laws falling in its ambit. The Criminal Division’s public prosecutors are popular for bringing many notorious criminals to the book. The Division is also responsible for formulating and implementing polices. It also plays an advisory role in criminal matters. It aids investigating agencies of the government in international and local law enforcement situations.


Why is a criminal background search done and who does a criminal search?

A criminal background search is mostly done to check if a tenant or a student applying to an educational institution has a criminal record of any kind. It is not uncommon for attorneys to do a criminal background search of witnesses to discredit them. Insurance companies also do a criminal background search before processing certain insurance claims. Naturally, employers will do a criminal background search before employing any one.


Is it possible to know who has done a criminal background check on you?

It is not possible to know if anyone has done a criminal background check on you online. However, if anyone has done a physical criminal background check by visiting the County sheriff’s office, you can get details of it.


How can I do a criminal case search of my employer?

If you think your employer has violated any law or might be guilty of a crime, you can do a criminal case search online by checking the databases of state and county, as per the name of the company. If you cannot find anything as per the name of the company, you can check by the names of the directors or the owners of the company. PACER system – Public Access to Court Electronic Records are made for this purpose.

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