The truth about criminal records search in District Of Columbia

Looking up someone’s criminal record in District of Columbia?
What information does a criminal record from DC have?

A criminal record is the map to a person’s criminal history. All criminal records contains:

1. The full name of the accused and aliases.
2. Birth date.
3. Race.
4. Physical appearance information with identifiers like scars and tattoos.
5. All the addresses of the suspect known to the police.
6. Photographs and arrest mug shots.
7. Fingerprints.
8. List of arrests with offence and charges.
9. Current and past charges.
10. Current and outstanding warrants.
11. Felony and misdemeanor convictions.
12. Dismissed cases.
13. Acquittals.


Is the information available in a DC background check the same as in a criminal record?

A criminal record is a very detailed report about a person’s criminal activities and their outcomes. On the other hand, a background check is just a basic outline of a person’s life. A background check includes:

1. All addresses known to the government.
2. Marital and divorce status.
3. Details of the number of times a person has filed for bankruptcy.
4. DUI charges.


Why should I look at my criminal record?

Criminal records are used for various reasons such as:

1. Admission to military service.
2. Admission to law and medical colleges.
3. Opening a company that works with a lot of money or financial risks.
4. Giving a property out on rent.
5. Buying fire arms legally.
6. Getting security approval to enter a high security zone.
7. For adoption.
8. To have a foster home.
9. Getting a passport to travel out of the country or to immigrate to another country, or to get a visa.
10. Many states don’t allow people with a criminal record to do voting registration.

Going by this list, you can understand that a criminal record can affect practically every aspect of a person’s life. So, it’s integral to check your criminal record, and if you have been acquitted or have already served a sentence, get the record expunged if your state allows it.


Are criminal records from DC public?

Criminal records are public in some states and accessing them is as easy as walking into a courthouse and viewing the record. There are many states that do not allow you to view criminal records but allow you to do a background check.


Even in a state that allows general public to view records, you can’t see the record if the record has been expunged or sealed. Another important thing to know is that in most states, if anyone wants to access your criminal record, they need an authorization letter from you.


Where can I get criminal records online?

You can get the records by visiting the police station or the office of the Department of Public Safety or the county sheriff’s office or the office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. If you are only looking for a criminal record of a specific county, you can also visit the courthouse. In order to get the criminal record from the Federal Bureau of Investigations you need to:

1. Fill an “Applicant Information Form”.
2. Get a “Finger Print Card”.
3. Make the payment.
4. Check the “Record Request Check List”.

For more information on this, you can visit or you can visit the “Freedom of Information Website”.


Does this record contain arrest records and criminal court records?

A criminal record is a very comprehensive report and does include the arrest records with the arrest warrant and the criminal docket that refers to the criminal court records. Criminal court records have information on all types of criminal matters that are being heard by the local judiciary. In terms of violation, you will come across two types of criminal cases; violent and property crimes. These two are further divided into various classes of criminal violation, which is based on the type and extent of damage or hurt caused.


Property crimes comprise of:

1. Vehicle theft
2. larceny
3. Arson
4. Burglary


Violent crimes comprise of:

1. Murder
2. Forcible Rape
3. Aggravated Assault
4. Criminal homicide


Correcting Mistakes in criminal records from District of Columbia

To correct the mistakes in a criminal record, you have to first get the report by following the process explained earlier. In some states, you can fill a correction request form and send it to the state authorities. In some cases, you will need to send a letter to the agency maintaining your record and mention the mistake that needs to be corrected. You may also want to visit the website of the state and check if they have a “Criminal History Error Resolution” service.


What does the Criminal Division do?

The criminal division is responsible for the implementation, enforcement and supervision of all the laws formed under its division. The division is also responsible for criminal litigation. The prosecutors of the division have managed to earn convictions for many notorious criminals.


They are also responsible for the witness protection program and electronic surveillance in sensitive areas. In addition to this, they provide advisory support for criminal law enforcement to the White House, the Attorney General, and the Congress. They also provide support to federal prosecutors and investigative agencies

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