Looking for arrest records from Arizona?

Interested In Doing an Arrest Records Search in Arizona On A Love Interest?

Most people want to practice caution before allowing a man/woman to enter their lives. The very first reason is to protect themselves from people with a criminal background and from psychopaths.


The best way to know about a person’s criminal record is to check his/her arrest records from Arizona and from other parts of the country. For this, you will first need to understand a few things. Let’s start with the “what, why and how” of arrest records.


How is an arrest record useful?

An arrest record is a detailed history of all the instances when a person was arrested. Through a person’s arrest record, you can tell if the person is a regular next-door guy or girl, who got into trouble over something stupid, or if the person is a habitual offender.


An arrest record is also useful in cases of identity theft as it contains all the specific identifier details. Arrest records also include information on convictions, sentence given to an accused and fine paid or payable.


Why can’t I find my boyfriend’s 20 yr. old arrest record from Arizona

If you cannot find an arrest record, then in all likelihood, it may have been expunged. Some states allow an arrest record to be expunged. Sex offenders and traffic violators cannot get their records expunged. But in cases where the arrest did not lead to a conviction, the suspect can request the court to give an order for expungement of the arrest records from all publicly available databases.


People also find it difficult to trace arrest records of active cases with ongoing investigation. Sometimes an arrest record may be sealed. Sealing a record is not the same as expunging but it does make the arrest records unavailable to the general public.


What is an arrest report?

An arrest report is a document made by the police officer after the arrest. This is a detailed record of how the arrest was made, reason for arrest, time of arrest and the difficulties faced by the officer making the arrest, the arrest log and arrest booking information.


Does every state have to maintain an arrest log?

It is mandatory for every state and county to maintain an arrest log. The information found in an arrest log from AZ is taken during arrest booking. It is elaborate and includes:


  • – Charges for the crimes committed.
  • – Date and place of offense.
  • – Primary accused or accomplice.
  • – Arrest time in the month, date and year format.
  • – Physical description at the time of arrest like the height, weight, skin color, color of eyes, identification marks like tattoo’s, piercings, scars etc.
  • – Medical History and health status during arrest.
  • – Arrest warrant issue date.
  • – Bail amount.
  • – Conditions for release.
  • – Details of outstanding warrants and paroles from other states.
  • – Birth date with full name and names of parents or adoption details.
  • – Adult or juvenile.
  • – Gender/Change of gender with name change.
  • – Details of the court where the case has to be heard.
  • – Mugs Shots.


Are the police blotter and arrest log the same?

A police blotter and an arrest log are two different things. I have already told you about the arrest log. A police blotter is a diary maintained by every police station about the daily events and arrests.


It is not as detailed as an arrest log and hence only includes the tasks carried out by the personnel of a police station on a specific day. So, if an arrest was made, the blotter would have the details pertaining to it, such as the name, age, gender and race of the suspect; the crime committed; the place and time of arrest; the name of the victim or the complainant and the police officer who handled the arrest.


It also includes the calls received by the police station. So basically, everything from serious to silly that happens at a police station is mentioned in the blotter. Till a few years ago, the blotter was published in the news papers in some counties to make people aware of the happenings in town.


The practice was later discontinued and now some counties publish the blotter on their Facebook pages. If you want to do an arrest inquiry, you can just walk into a police station and ask to look at it. Since reporters would sensationalize the items they would read in the police blotter, till a few years ago, the station chiefs would ask their officers to write a nicer version for the journos, instead of showing them the actual blotter.


Are jail records made public in Arizona

Jail records are public and can be checked by anyone, both offline and online. Jail records would give you the details of the county or state prison where the person is being held or was held. If you are looking for the jail history of a person, you don’t need to necessarily look for the prison records. You can also access this information through the inmate locator.


Is it possible for there to be a mistake in an arrest record?

Though it is rare, but yes mistakes can happen anywhere, so it is possible for there to be a mistake in an arrest record. But people can get the mistake corrected by approaching the court of clerk’s office. It is also possible to get your lawyer to get the arrest record corrected, specifically in cases where there was no conviction.


How can I get someone’s arrest record in AZ?

There are some online sites that help you to get an arrest record for a small fee. There is also an option to go to the clerk of court’s office and get an informational copy, which is supposed to be free except the copying charges. If you need a certified copy, you will need to pay extra.

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